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I Can Barely Watch This Video of the World's Longest Skywalk

You’ll want to read the rest of this post with your eyes shut if you have even the remotest fear of heights: This is the world’s longest skywalk, which recently opened in China. The skywalk allows crazy people to walk 87 feet off a cliff for spectacular vomit-inducing views. Don’t worry, it’s only about a half-mile down to the valley floor.

The skywalk is named Yuanduan, which means either “at the end of the clouds” or “holy fucking shit,” and it’s located in Longgang National Geological Park in Chongqing. It’s 16 feet longer than the Grand Canyon Skywalk which means you have to take about five extra steps while preventing yourself from urinating all over your pants.


While we’ve covered plenty of skywalks here, all of which have their own terrifying qualities, what’s freaking me out here is the extra-long horseshoe-shaped cantilever affixed to a plinth of rock that’s narrower than the skywalk itself. Luckily vistors don’t have much time to ponder this thought: You can only stroll across the sky for 30 minutes before they kick you off. I mean, before you must return to solid ground.

[Daily Mail via ArchDaily]

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