So her hair makes it look like she's turned away from the camera but her clothes are set up to make it look like she's facing the camera. What way is she really facing? Honestly, I can't tell. Malin Bergman loves to play little games with her Instagram pictures to make you question and wonder what's really happening in the photo.

Bergman was fascinated with hiding a person's facial expression because it made it "harder for the viewer to interpret the mood in the photo" and thus made it a lot more interesting. She discussed her surrealist work with Republic X and said:

"I started to experiment with my camera and self-timer and thought I didn't just want to take a plain portrait of my face with the hair hanging down, so I combed my hair over my face. When I looked at the photo in the camera, I saw that you couldn't really tell if it was taken from behind me or in front of me and I liked that optical illusion."


Even with that said, you could convince me that she's standing both ways. Check out more of her pictures here.


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