I Can't Stop Looking at These GIFs of Illegal Activities

These illustrated GIFs by artist Stephen Vuillemin are incredible. They're rife with illegal or borderline-illegal activity, and many are in French. Even if you're a total prude and you don't understand a lick of French, you won't be able to look away.

GIFs as art might sound pretentious, but you have to admit—these are awesome. Something about a demon snorting white powder off his own tongue is mesmerizing. Go ahead and browse. But beware that you're about to enter a time warp.


Shopping and shopping and shopping and shopping and.

Who is that on Rick Ross's cushy shoulders and why is he shooting those guns? Doesn't matter.


These comics are not wasteful.


Wiggle Spiderman, wiggle.


Can't look away.

[Stephen Vuillemin via Bobby Finger]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm only speaking for myself but maybe others may agree; I'd prefer quality over quantity with regards to Gizmodo articles. I understand there are days where the tech news may not be abundant, but unless there's some sort of quota you have to meet with regards to the number of posts you have per day, it's ok to NOT post something until there's some real news.

Anyway, sorry for the negative feedback but hopefully you understand what I'm saying.