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I Don't Even Know What's Going On in This Gotham Trailer, But I Love It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At some point since I stopped watching Gotham, the show has embraced the completely buck-wild tone it’s developed over three seasons. And it now seems to have gone off the deep end in the most spectacular way, judging by this new trailer. Honestly, it looks so good, I’m contemplating catching up the moment I finish this very blog.

There is a lot—a lot—going on here. There’s young Selina Kyle lying seemingly dead on the floor and surrounded by... one cat (okay I’m not going to mock Gotham’s cat budget for a moment of getting its Batman Returns on). There’s the Court of Owls being all sinister. More hints of Bruce’s training to become Batman. Hell, there’s the most delightful line from Fish Mooney: “You have to love Gotham... people always pointing guns at each other.”

It’s fantastic, seriously. Also, noted Gotham scholar Rob Bricken told me in our io9 work Slack that at some point, this happened after I stopped watching:


So honestly, between the above trailer and that sentence, I am more than on board for Gotham’s return April 24.