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I Don't Know What I Just Watched, but This Trailer Made Me Never Want to Use a Smartphone Again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If your brain is already feeling a little fried by the week’s end, you might want to skip the trailer for a Tamil film called 2.0. But if you want to try to wrap your brain around one potential outcome of our hopeless addiction to smartphones, this trailer’s got robots, explosions, and a gigantic cyborg eagle made from millions of hijacked mobile devices.

If the film’s main character, Chitti (played by Tamil superstar Rajinikanth), looks familiar, it’s because 2.0 is a sequel to a 2010 film called Enthiran that introduced the world to the robotic superhero capable of seemingly impossible feats. There’s a good chance you’ve seen a GIF of this amazing scene before:

Directed by S. Shankar, 2.0 pits Chitti against a baddie who not only has an extreme disdain for mobile devices; he is also apparently able to control them, turning millions of smartphones and tablets into gigantic robots and eagles that wreak havoc on citizens who have no means to share videos of the attacks with friends on social media. So maybe he’s not such a baddie after all? 2.0 hits theaters on November 29, but probably not in North America to start.