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I Exercised Future-Style and You Can Too

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The future is fit, and our Home of the Future is stuffed to the gills with high-tech workout gear for all four seasons. It seemed only right to spend some time getting physical and fit in the present.


Clad in a North Face "Better than Naked" running tank and shorts, Adidas Pure Boost shoes, Oakley Ferrari Blade sunglasses, and sporting a Garmin VivoFit on my arm, I took to the streets of Manhattan. And it got me thinking. Here are some of the highlights from the internal monologue I had with myself while on a jog at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon:

  • I've never run without socks before but you don't have to wear socks with these kicks and that's pretty cool.
  • These shoes are super lightweight.
  • So are the tank and the shorts.
  • The future must be colorful, because everything I'm wearing is coordinating bright pink and blue.
  • This is definitely not my normal routine of exercising in seven-year-old sorority date party t-shirts and holey worn-out shorts.
  • It's really hot today.
  • Normally I wouldn't wear sunglasses on a run but these sunglasses barely feel like I'm wearing anything on my face at all.
  • These sunglasses also make me look like a softball coach.
  • Who are all these people having a late lunch in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday?
  • Do they even have jobs?
  • Man, these shoes feel good.
  • Dang, the Home of the Future has really made me out of shape.

Now, it's safe to say that what I was wearing did not make me run faster. That would take a miracle. But I definitely looked the part of an inhabitant of the future. And the future is certainly lightweight, and sweat-wicking to boot. But don't worry—we're not timing you.

Illustration for article titled I Exercised Future-Style and You Can Too

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