I have in fact had a printer nearly kill me.

Years ago while servicing an HP II the other tech in the shop came into the office and turned on the power bar the partially disassembled printer was plugged into.


In spite of working with 90% blue collar folks my company policy was "Techs wear ties." We were in fact the only people in a 500+ workforce that did.

That tie was dangling in the printer as I was taking out screws on the back of the chassis...

It was that printer who's gears started to yank my tie downward simultaneously choking me and attempting to crush the life out of me with it's tiny tiny gears.

He cut the power nearly instantly and initially it was funny, I mean who does this really happen too. Then we realized that I was in fact REALLY choking, and the sudden yank had pulled tie knot to tight for me to loosen with my fingers.

Normally I carry a pocket knife with me at all times, but again company policy had deemed my leatherman a "weapon" and thus forbidden. Naturally my boss was the only one enforced the rule.

A few tense scrambling moment later the other tech managed to find a pair scissors and I was free with nothing more then a hellacious bruise on my neck.


My insistence on not wearing a tie ever again and always carrying my pocket knife led to my bosses urging I find a different employer.