I Implore Every Public Bathroom to Install These Toepeners Immediately

I'm not saying I'm as bad as Howard Hughes, but I will confess to always tearing a bit of toilet-roll of paper towel off and using it to open public bathroom doors with on my way out.

At $50 a pop, these Toepeners would surely end up saving shopping malls, offices and other public venues money over the long-run, with less paper wasted and thrown on the floor. Not to mention the debt to society they owe, with 999,999,999* different types of germs transmitted on bathroom handles every day. Public bathrooms of the world, please unite and buy a Toepener or two now! [Toepener via Marginal Revolution via OhGizmo]


*I could've just made that stat up. But I wouldn't be surprised if it were true!

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