I Like Simplenote

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Adam Pash reminded me of this notetaking app. It basically records text and syncs them across almost any platform you'd use. That's it. But it does it flawlessly. And without a yellow background and annoying font.


Evernote's growing bloated, as it grows more powerful. Although their voice to text feature sounds neat, I just can't jump into existing notes quickly enough to update them. There's a lot of friction there for that, and I don't use their other features. And it's quite expensive at $45 a year.

Apple's own notes app in the iPhone syncs, but not very well, and I can't get over the comic sans and yellow background.

Simplenote is free, or $9 a year for unlimited notes, backups, and the removal of ads. And it works better than fine: It works perfectly.

Having said that, I'm going to go ahead and ask for more features, which will bloat it up a bit: how about the ability to share notes with other simple note users, and maybe a very simple spreadsheet format for basic lists?

Either way, whether you use an android, iphone, mac, pc, or any combination of these, you should check out simplenote. Lifehacker has a few recommendations of which apps to use on each platform, since there are many that tap into Simplenote's API.
[Simplenote via lifehacker]



Denver is too damn high

I love MS OneNote.

it ain't free.

It's MS.

it probably doesn't work on an iphone

I don't care -still love it. perfect for sharing stuff at work on a project I'm working on.