i-Mate Announces Four Windows Mobile Phones at CTIA

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Targeted at all segments of the smartphone loving community, these four phones come in three different form-factors and all feature Windows Mobile 5 as their operating system. First, their i-Mate JAQ, which is not a rebadged HTC Excalibur like we first thought. It has a Motorola Q-like shape, a QWERTY keyboard, 64MB of internal usable storage, 2.8-inch color LCD, miniSD for expanded memory, and Bluetooth. It runs Windows Mobile Pocket PC edition, and not the Smartphone edition, like the Motorola Q.

The other three phones after the jump.


The second is the i-Mate SPL, which as we noted, looks like a Moto SLVR. This phone runs Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition, has a 200MHz TI OMAP processor, 64MB internal memory, miniSD card slot, 2 megapixel camera, and 2.2-inch screen.

The next is the i-Mate SP JAS, which is a candybar phone and has a thumbwheel for easier navigation. There's a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera plus a front camera for video calling, WCDMA/HSDPA connectivity, tri-band GSM, 64MB memory, microSD slot, and 2.2-inch LCD. This, most likely, runs the Smartphone Edition as well.


Last is the i-Mate JASJAM, the rebadged version of the HTC TyTN we've grown to love, not to mention want really badly. The phone is quad-band GSM, 3G HSDPA/WCDMA, has 64MB internal memory , a microSD slot for expansion, 2.8-inch touch-screen, and a 2 megapixel camera. There's also a front camera for 3G video calls as well.


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