I Need a Nexus Phone Just For These Infinitely Customizable Cases

Image: Google
Image: Google

Nexus handsets are a good buy on their own, but Google just made the whole package way more appealing with these infinitely customizable cases.

The Nexus Live Cases, available for the Nexus 6, 6P, and 5X, are simple and sweet: a polycarbonate shell, with any design you can think of printed on. You can upload any image you want, but more interesting to me are the places cases: Google will turn any location from Maps into a case, complete with different stylizations and overlays.

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The design process is controlled by a simple-stupid web app that takes all of one minute to use. It runs $35, and also comes with a phone wallpaper that shows your location in real time, on a map with the same style as your case (RIP battery life). Fingers crossed that phone-agnostic copycat comes along soon.


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Disappointed with my 5X. Upgraded from a 5, thinking it’d be the same, but better. Instead, it’s worse.

Randonly hangs when trying to type or open apps, is almost unusable due to lag when it’s plugged in (OEM charger). Call quality is often awful.

It’s a real shame as the 5 was the best phone I’ve ever used. I think, if I could source a brand new one, I might even go back to it.