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I Need This Genius Spring Smasher To Crack My Nuts

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means turkey, mashed potatoes, and also probably a bowl of nuts that still have the stupid shell on them for some stupid reason. WTF, is this the Middle Ages?


Instead of reaching for some lame two-pronged cracker, or worse, some kitchen implement that looks like a smallish man with a terrifying grin and some sort of insane hat, I desperately want this spring-based "Naomi" cracker from Take 2. All the joy of stretching a slinky, all the functionality of a swift kick to the groin.

The Naomi is kind of hard to buy. It's a Japanese import and from what I can tell, I'd have to try and buy it from for like 70 bucks, until it's available on the Red Dot shop for 20 euros. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't seriously considering it anyway. Review (maybe) forthcoming. [Take 2 via Digg]

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Now I know why hand models actually exist.