I Prefer Watching These Heavily Slurred Versions of American History

Drunk History is in many ways the best show on television at the moment. You get the LOLs of absurdist sketch comedy while arming yourself with enough History Channel-quality Fun Facts™ to make you sound smart the next day. At the same time, it feels like hosting a party in your living room—one that inevitably ends up with someone puking cheap whiskey into the kitchen sink.


If you've never seen the show before, the premise is very simple: While drinking heavily, a comedian recounts a famous tale from American history as a group of famous actors perform a dramatic re-creation of the drunk version, burps and all. And yes, many people end up throwing up or passing out before the story is finished. It's part of the fun!

The thing about Drunk History is, you really do learn a lot—all the facts are true, even if some of them are pronounced wrong—and you walk away feeling better about yourself. Not just because of the knowledge you've acquired, but because you've somehow convinced yourself that you never look like that much of a lush when you've been drinking, thank god.

A new season of Drunk History just started on Comedy Central (this week's features Jack Black as Orson Welles in the making of Citizen Kane), but you can watch older episodes on their site if you're a cable subscriber or through Hulu Plus. I especially enjoy season 1's city-themed shows, which explored various historical tales within a specific geographic area. Not to be missed is the Atlanta episode, with Bill Hader as John Pemberton, the dude who invents Coca-Cola from wine and cocaine, which, now that you mention it, would make a pretty decent cocktail. Bottoms up! [Comedy Central]


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