I Want This Gorgeous Mega-Widescreen Monitor Right Now

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So far, Sony and Samsung have dominated IFA with a torrent of magical TVs and new phones. But quietly, LG is showing off one of the coolest monitors we've ever seen.


The Verge reports the 2560 x 1080 29-inch EA93 monitor boasts a highly unconventional 21:9 aspect ratio—most wide screens are 16:9. This means more screen real estate for windows aplenty—possibly sparing your desk from an additional monitor. It'd also make for a pretty fantastic Windows 8 display, giving the horizontal-heavy Metro Start Menu plenty of room to luxuriate. A little extra resolution would be nice, though—but maybe we're just spoiled by the Retina MacBook Pro. No word on pricing or availability, but expect it to be a lot of money. [Verge]

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Wrong direction. Taller is better, not wider. Vertical screen real-estate is always at a premium for. I'd take a display that's twice as tall any day. Also, what happens if an application is dragged to the top/maximized? Does it consume the whole display? That would annoy me. I maximize all my windows on my primary display.