I Would Switch to This '80s Parody of Siri for the Hilariously Awful Synthesized Voice

Siri continues to trail behind assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, but I would switch back to Apple’s AI in a heartbeat if it had the same terribly synthesized voice as it does in this parody revealing what Siri would have been like on ‘80s desktop PCs.


Having previously explored how unusable modern apps like Snapchat would have worked on an ‘80s-era computer, Squirrel Monkey’s completely fake Wonders of the World Wide Web takes a look at how impossibly slow a voice-activated assistant would have been with 386 processors, 9600-baud dial-up modems, and awful VGA graphics. As hard as it is to believe, the modern Siri experience is somehow an actual improvement.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]


After many attempts to get Siri to find even basic information for me, she is now relegated to setting reminders and adding items to my shopping list. When I ask what city hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics, I expect the answer to be a city. Not the medal count of each country.