iAds Are Here Today. This Is What They Look Like.

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One of iOS4's tentpole features—right up there with multitasking and folders—launches today. It's called iAd, and it's coming to hog your screen and your bandwidth. Here's what one of the first looks like.


This walkthrough of a Nissan Leaf iAd is itself a bit of a plug for Leaf and for iAds, which is fitting! iAds themselves are lurking in your apps, blurring the line between content and advertising. And to be honest, the features are fun and useful—if you're interested in a car. If not, well, it'll just sit dormant on your screen like any other banner ad.

Overall, it doesn't look like the iAd experience is going to be as onerous as you'd think. Product strikes your fancy? You can find out more in an interactive way. And if it doesn't, well, just keep on ignoring it like you always have. The lingering question, though, is how people will react when all that iAd data starts counting against your AT&T data plan cap.



"What's wrong with obtrusive ads?"