IAmAMan Period-Tracking iPhone App for Sleazy, Shameless "Players"

Illustration for article titled IAmAMan Period-Tracking iPhone App for Sleazy, Shameless "Players"

Lady-time tracking apps are nothing new, but they're typically packaged as fertility trackers, or something actually useful. Not iAmAMan, which shamelessly declares it "will help you with your private life planning" by tracking several girls.


Just in case one of your "girlfriends" asks you to open up the app—which requires a password—each girl can be set with their own separate password, so when you punch it in, it only looks like you're tracking her. Which, you know, even by itself, is still pretty sleazy and should clue her in that you're a total dirtball.

I'm actually trying to figure out how iAmAMan got into the app store when a book with some mildly bad language didn't—iAmAMan, from the title to the function, is way worse, or at least way more douchey. If you buy it, you're officially a sad little man. And an asshole. [The Standard via Fark]


Finally! I've been waiting for an update to the Cycles app to include something like this. Now I need not wait. Of course you could use it for the purposes expressed above. But it has far more more potential. Example: I work with a bunch of women in my office. It would be nice (with the help of some clandestine detective work and eaves dropping) to find out who's on their period and track their PMS rages monthly. If I need to ask one of them to do something for me, I know which one to ask without getting backlash. This is indeed the ultimate application for a man to have if working in an environment such as mine.

...also it's a good app for the sleazy reasons stated above. HAH!