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Our homedawgs over at Kotaku pulled a Gizmodo and had some super secret info saved up for a midnight post. So what's the big deal? IBM has confirmed that they have began shipping the "Broadway" chips for the Nintendo Wii to the fabrication plant in New York City ... three weeks ago. So what does all of this mumbo jumbo mean? Basically, Nintendo has start producing Wii's, meaning the release date may be sooner than expected.

The chips are being produced at IBM's 300mm semiconductor development and manufacturing plant in East Fishkill (what the hell kind of a city name is that?), New York—ironically, the same plant that is producing the PS3 chips. Hit up the Kotaku link below for more juicy details straight from the horse's Crecente's mouth.


Wii Chip Shipment Started About 3 Weeks Ago [Kotaku]