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More news on the 2005 iBook Riot, held today at the Richmond International Raceway. A new video shows trampling inside the building. Riot cops arrived on the scene late in the morning to quell the crowd. (What does an iBook riot cop carry, a menacing Mighty Mouse?) The consensus from participants: It just wasn't worth it. Sure, $50 sounds like a great deal. But there is no point trampling children and the elderly for a 12-inch laptop that doesn't have built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.


The intrepid investigative reporters from MacObserver reveal the root cause of the stampede:

The 12-inch iBooks were part of a contract worth US$24.2 million and consisting of 23,000 iBooks; it was due to end this summer. In April of this year, Apple was outbid by some $4 million by Dell—$20 less for each Windows-based laptop—and Henrico County schools are in the process of transitioning away from Macs.

So, this is all Dell's fault.

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