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iCloud Floats a New Feature Set

Illustration for article titled iCloud Floats a New Feature Set

Apple unveiled the latest iCloud iteration at today's WWDC, beefing up the the fledgling service with a bevy of new features. Here's what's new.


The Notes, Reminders, and Documents will be available on Mountain Lion through iCloud. Notes and Reminders, already mainstays on Apple iOS devices, will make the jump to the desktop while the new Documents integration feature will sync your personal documents (obviously) across all your devices, mobile and desktop. Notes will support both images and links and can be opened across multiple windows. Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Preview, Text Edit—the company's core app suite—will also all be made available across the entire Apple ecosystem.

Safari is also getting in on the action with the iCloud Tab. Click the cloud button on the toolbar to pop up a list of open tab's on your other devices. So, if you forget to bookmark a site before you leave the house, you can simply open the iCloud tab and grab it from your phone, pretty handy.

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"The Notes, Reminders, and Documents will be available on Mountain Lion."

"MOuntain Lion introduces three new apps: Messages, Reminders, and Notes."

Wait, so, what apps are being introduced in Mountain Lion?