Iconic Photographs, Recreated Using... Play-Doh

When Eleanor Macnair went to a pub quiz, she never expected to be inspired to create a new set of artworks. But when one round demanded she recreate an iconic photograph out of Play-Doh, that's exactly what happened.

These images—like this recreation of Hobo going from Denver to Spokane by freight train, shot in 1986 by John Vink—are the result. She explains to the BBC:

“It is honestly just a bit of fun and I wouldn’t want anyone to take it seriously. My hope is that maybe it will introduce a new audience to some of my favorite photographs or re-introduce those who are already familiar with the works, so they start to really look at the photographs again, the content and the context.”


You can find a bunch more examples over on her website, but below are a couple of our favorites. Enjoy! [Eleanor Macnair via American Photo via Peta Pixel]

Original photograph: Untitled, 1995, from the series ‘Ray’s a laugh’ by Richard Billingham.


Original photograph: The Walk to Paradise Garden. The Smith children, Patrick and Juanita, 1946 by W. Eugene Smith/Magnum Photos.

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