iControlpad, For the iPhone with PSP Envy

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While the do-everything touchscreen of the iPhone seemed like the perfect solution for game emulation, it's tough to top real buttons when it comes to mashing away at Track & Field. So the iControlpad attaches to the iPhone and gives it a PSP makeover. The prototype (pictured here) was pieced together from the internals of an old SNES pad, but the final version that will go on sale is promised to be "much more sleek and fitting." We're just hoping they're ready to make an iPhone 2 version ASAP. [iControlpad via BGR]

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Wouldn't be too hard to add a battery pack to this thing similar to the mStation juice pack. Or just buy a Juice Pack. I don't see what is so horrible about a non-replaceable battery.

I've never had a problem with battery life (usually charge it over night). I could understand how some very heavy users who travel a lot might need some sort of power on the go, but how is carrying around extra batteries more convenient than an external battery pack? The iPhone is still smaller than many smartphones even with an external battery pack on it, and you don't have to worry about where your'e other battery is when you're using it.

Finally, I can't think of anything more annoying than carrying around 5 separate devices (phone, GPS, portable gaming device, DAP, movie watcher) with five separate chargers and extra batteries. This was kinda the whole point of the iPhone and other convergence devices.

Carrying around an external charger and one device seems much more logical to me than carrying around 5 devices with extra batteries and different chargers for all.....