Natural wood tables, a comfy-looking lounger and a big screen iMac. What a great home office...if only it used less periwinkle and it were in any way real. That's right, the whole thing is fake—miniature, in fact.


The room is from a dollhouse by designer Elaine Shaw. Her 3-foot, 3-story home model is called Clearview, and it serves as a reinterpretation of what we traditionally call a dollhouse—either wooden constructs of Victorian era abodes or now-canceled-but-4ever-awesome television shows on Fox.

With balconies, sliding glass doors, plenty of contemporary art and even digital accoutrements like Xboxes, I'm not sure I'm going to dust off my doll collection just yet, but I might use such facilities to give He-Man some R&R. [Metro via BornRich]