A very lucky man in California got his stolen car back after he spotted it on Craigslist. Either Kenny Munyon is quite a sleuth or he ran up against some very stupid thieves. Let's investigate.

Kenny Munyon woke up one morning in May to find that his awesome 1949 Ford Shoebox had been stolen overnight. The police were useless so he took matters into his own hands. With the help of a friend Munyon kept his eye on the internet, and a few months later they found a match on Craigslist. Munyon and friend agreed to meet the sellers at a house where the thieves proceeded to roll out Munyon's Shoebox—completely disassembled. That sucks. It's like getting dismembered action figures back from a bully.


These are indeed the stupidest thieves in the world. Not only did they steal an incredibly distinctive car, they listed it online in the most obvious place possible, before inviting potential buyers to their illegal chop shop and presenting them with car parts—because no one would find that suspicious. Are you kidding? These guys are amateurs! Poor Munyon. Now he's gotta piece that baby back together. [KCAL via Consumerist]