Idiot Uses Shotgun to Remove Wart from His Finger

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I'll say this much for the UK security guard who tried to blast off a nagging wart with a shotgun: he succeeded. Although I'd imagine he wasn't planning on taking out his finger in the process. Meet Sean Murphy, won't you? He's special.

The 38-year old security guard from South Yorkshire was recently sentenced to 16 weeks in prison for using an illegal firearm. Specifically, a stolen 12-bore Beretta shotgun that he fired off at the (plant) nursery where he works. His target: a wart that had resided near the top joint of his middle finger for five years. The result? Well, let's let Sean explain:

He said: "It was hurting a lot and causing my finger to bend. I'd been to the doctors and tried all sorts of things but it wouldn't go.

"I didn't expect to lose my finger as well when I shot it but the gun recoiled and that was it. The wart was gone and so was most of my finger. There was nothing left, so no chance to re-attach it."


According to the prosecuting attorney, the attacker/victim had "had some drink" before the incident, which, no kidding.

I don't know that there's a moral to the story, other than that shotguns and surgery still don't quite mix. [Yorkshire Post via Geekologie]


Image credit: Shutterstock/photo25th