If Android Was Born Today, This Is What It Would Look Like

The Astonishing Tribe, the design firm that more or less defined the look and feel of Android the first time around, has built an entirely new homescreen interface for the OS, in 3D. It's alternately beautiful, gratuitous and bizarre.


What you're seeing in the video is a recording of a live demo; TAT Home is a real piece of software, and one that I've seen in action on a handset before the concept was made public. My feeling now is the same as it was then: There's a lot of eye candy here, and some concepts that could definitely stick—I'm thinking about the homescreen switcher, in particular—though a lot of the widgets and concepts go a little overboard. What's exciting whether you like the UI concept or now, though, is how close it shows we are to full 3D cellphone interfaces, and how well current hardware could run them.

TAT Home could end up as a standalone app, though I'd expect most of the adoption to come through carrier or handset maker partnerships; none have been announced yet, but don't be surprised if it hit the market under a different name, with a slightly different look. [TAT]


Very nice app. I don't think it has to do with "IF android was designed today." Android only provides the architecture, not to mention, there will be more versions after the current 2.1. Most of what they're doing in this video is what Sense UI already does, only with more 3D animated stuff and a wacky looking home screen selector.

I typically don't like the addition of useless eye candy, unless it actually improves the experience and the physics of interacting with a digital environment. I think they pull it off very well. I also like how the widgets can overlap, expand, and collapse. It allows a very clean and uncluttered environment. It's one of the reasons why I like android in the first place, so of course I'm going to like something that only makes it better.