If Batman Played Golf, This Is Probably What He'd Drive

As badass as the various Batmobiles have been over the years, no self-respecting country club would ever let one of them onto their courses. So if the Dark Knight were to ever slip away in the middle of the night to relax with a round of golf, the Mansory Currus is definitely what he'd be driving.

Featuring such over-the-top and opulent details as a genuine leather dashboard, custom crafted seats, and carbon fiber body panels; the Mansory Currus from Garia is also street legal in Europe. Its electric drivetrain tops out at an impressive 37mph which means you can go right from the golf course to your garage at home in the same vehicle—as long as it's less than an hour's drive. As for pricing, only seven of the golfcarts are being made which is a pretty clear indicator that unless you're a billionaire vigilante, you probably can't afford one.


[Garia via Uncrate]

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