If I Had a Landline, I Would Use This Android Phone

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Once upon a time, there were these cables that got into your home and into these things that went ring-ring, with numbers and redial buttons and call waiting. The DSP Multimedia Handset is the same, with Android and a touchscreen.


It's also looks like the last twist to landline-based DECT handsets. In addition to Wi-Fi, this phone uses the Android operating system, meaning that you would be able to read your mail, surf the web, listen to music, talk with Google Voice, or use any of your favorite Android apps using its 3.5'' TFT LCD touchscreen. It even supports accelerometers, so you can play even play games. [DSP via Android Community]


How about a survey on how many Gizmodians still have land lines? I got rid of mine in 2000 when I moved and Bell just couldn't be bothered to hook me up for over a week, even though I had told them ahead of time.

I haven't really missed it, although there have been some pretty shocking bills when I talked too much.

These days I get buy just fine on cell with some help from Mr. Skype.

Starting next month Wind Mobile will be coming to where I live and I will FINALLY be able to get unlimited calls at a reasonable rate.

Meanwhile the advantages of only having 1 number are tremendous.

So I think this google tech is wunnerful, but too late for me!