If Only Digital Cameras Were as Beautiful as These Restored Vintage Rangefinders

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There is so much beauty in those dusty old cameras you see at thrift stores and flea markets, but you don't buy them because they probably don't work at all. Ilott Vintage resurrects those treasures, and makes them better than ever.

The tinkerers at Ilott have taken mid-century gems such as Canon's Canonet line, the Minolta Hi-Matic, and the Argus C3, and remade them by tuning up the mechanics and finishing them with gorgeous wood veneers. The store's Vimeo page features some of the amazing intricacies at work inside each camera.


Of course, crafstmanship comes at price (most of Ilott's available cameras are priced around $2000), but you are left with something functional and timeless—that is, until 35mm film disappears forever. [Ilott Vintage via Design Milk]