If a Snyder Cut Does Ever Release, It Might Look Different Than Fans Expect

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Wonder Woman and Batman, justice buddies.
Wonder Woman and Batman, justice buddies.
Image: Warner Bros.

Okay, yeah, we’re talking about the Snyder cut. Buckle up, this is going to be a ride.

The existence of the “Snyder cut,” a cut of Justice League assembled to the specifications and desires of the film’s original director, Zack Snyder, has been the stuff of internet speculation, fan petition, and surprisingly widespread online movement since Justice League’s release. This interest has not gone away and has, in fact, seemingly ballooned, fed by the fire of Snyder’s ongoing teases and the lingering suspicion that outlets like this one are paid shills of Disney trying to torpedo the DC film universe, which, I mean, the evidence speaks for itself.

So much has been said and teased about the Snyder cut that I rarely feel the need to say anything at all about it, let alone blog about it, but I was struck by this recent video by Dan Olson, aka Folding Ideas. In a brief but extremely informative video, he recaps the history of the Snyder Cut movement and the behind-the-scenes film craft that would have to go into creating (or not creating) such a thing.

Specifically, Olson spends a long time talking about work prints, unfinished versions of films put together that, while featuring all of the shots that will end up in the movie, are lacking in things like special effects, color correction, and final music. As Olson explains, while the release of a Snyder cut is not outside the realm of possibility, it would, unless millions of dollars are spent finishing it, a workprint, which would be fascinating, but likely much messier and incomplete than fans are hoping for.


Writing about the Snyder cut feels sometimes like just fanning the flames of a big internet argument, but this video was informative enough, and interesting enough, that I decided to make an exception. I think, honestly, it would be cool to see the Snyder cut. I may not love all of Snyder’s films, but they are, certainly, interesting to see. And comparing his vision to Whedon’s would make for a good thinkpiece or two.


Don’t say I never did anything for you, Snyder fans.

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