The Real Reason Behind the Mission: Impossible/Justice League Mustache Drama Is as Petty As Your Wildest Dreams

Perhaps the most joyful story in moviemaking for the past year has been the ongoing delight of stachegate—the absurdity of a spat between Henry Cavill’s reshoots on last year’s Justice League and filming the just-released Mission: Impossible—Fallout, a tale of impressive follicles and dodgy CGI. And now we know it all…

DC Nation Teases Trouble Ahead for Batman and Superman (and All of Reality, Actually)

Some pretty major storylines are coming to a head in DC Comics’ series this summer—and so to set the stage, DC has released DC Nation, a collection of stories being offered free digitally (or for a quarter or less in comic book stores) that give some hints at interesting and troubled times ahead for the world’s finest.

Adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures, and More of the Most Totally Radical Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular dosage of all things merchandise. This week, we’ve got claws out for a very cool Iron Spider figure, Lego’s descent into chibi-figurine madness continues, and Overwatch’s premiere edgelord slinks into action figure form for the first time. Hide those wallets, the toys are here!

The Most Important Changes Dark Nights: Metal Has Brought to the DC Comics Universe

DC Comics’ ongoing Metal event finally came to a dramatic finish yesterday, but the epic ended with a lot more than the defeat of a squad of evil, broken Batmen (and one woman) from the alternate, dark universes devoid of hope. It’s also made some significant developments for the DC comics multiverse that are going…