If You Can See the Front of This LG TV, You'll See Its 3D

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It's easy to spot the crowd watching a conventional 3D television—they're all wearing silly glasses and huddled together (3D doesn't exactly work from the side). The new LG DX2500 nixes all of that—no glasses, no lap sitting, just wide-angle glasses-free 3D.

The LG DX2500 basically watches you watch it. A camera embedded in the frame detects changes in the user's head and eye position in the room. With this real-time data, the monitor calculates the user's position relative to itself and optimizes the image accordingly. According the the company, this means that viewers will have a wider "optimal" viewing area and not need to rely on 3D glasses.

I am rather curious how this will accommodate multiple viewers. Though at this point, if I really want to find out, I'll have to hop a flight to Korea and slap down 1.3 million Won (about $1500) to see. Otherwise, the TV ships worldwide early next year. [LG via Engadget]


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