If You Can't Dust Your Crops WIth a Plane, Use a Helicopter

When the time came to spread pesticides over his rice field, this farmer faced a choice: lug around a heavy poison-filled backpack in the sweltering heat, or spray the chemicals from an RC helicopter. He made the right decision.

According to the source, crops in Japan are tiny and scattered throughout residential areas. Dusting the crops by plane, therefore, is impossible. Farmers normally tend the crops with pump activated backpack sprayers, but where's the fun in that? Kudos to this guy for figuring out a way to both spray the field and fly an awesome toy around all morning.


If the farmer ever finds himself with any bigger pests to deal with, he should talk to this guy about how to add a little more firepower to the rig. [Japan Probe]


That's really cool, but I wonder if he needs to get special permission to use the thing "downtown" so to speak, he is very close to power lines. I doubt that this kind of thing would "fly" in the US or Canada, you'd need training, licences, permits, yada yada, and sure as shit someone would call the FBIs.

Are these even available outside of Japan?