If You Really Want Instagram on Your Mac, You Can Pay 5 Bucks for Carousel

Instagram is the lovely. Sadly though, it's really only available on your iPhone. With Carousel, you can peep Instagram on your Mac.

Some of you may not see the need for a photo sharing network but Instagram is a really neat way to see life through your friends' eyes (and alternatively, judge them on their picture taking skills). The problem? It's not really usable outside your iPhone. Carousel puts Instagram on your Mac but its problem?


It's 5 bucks.

Which is really sorta obscene given Instagram itself is free but until Instagram develops something more than a lame picture frame for the web, Instagram addicts are stuck. Price aside, Carousel itself looks wonderful, in fact, it looks a lot like what you'd think Instagram would look like on the Mac. You can see your feed and popular photos and even save the awesome ones straight to your Mac. Desktop specific features like full keyboard support, viewing photos at full resolution and other features come packed in too. Not bad at all, but 5 bucks? A little to 'spensive for my wallet. [Mac App Store]

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