iFixit's Galaxy Nexus Teardown Reveals a Dirty NFC Secret

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The axe-wielding maniacs over at iFixit are tearing Samsung's Galaxy Nexus limb from limb! O, the humanity! If you've been eager to see what makes Google's new flagship beast tick, here's your photographic anatomy lesson.


iFixit is still making sense of their findings since they only just finished. So far, there's nothing super surprising, save for one little thing: the Galaxy Nexus' NFC capabilities all seem to come from a sticker that's attached to the phone's battery. Could this sticker be placed on virtually any Android phone to make it NFC capable? If I were a betting man, I'd say yes.

Update:I would say that, though I would be wrong. It turns out that the sticker is simply an NFC antenna—the NFC chip itself resides on the logic board, as you can see in Step 12. We'll update if they turn up anything else that's particularly interesting. [iFixit]

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Joseph Lau

Most parts of Asia is already using NFC. It is built-in to either a card, a watch, or a key chain. In Hong Kong we call it the Octopus (It's just a name) and it is basically a stored value card. Refillable, usable on public buses, subways, convenience stores, fast food restaurants ... it is pretty prevalent.

Wow - you guys are really behind ...