iFusion Brings 3D to Your PMP

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The allure of watching TV in 3D will probably never go away until someone does it right and Neovision thinks it's got a hit on its hands with the iFusion. You apply the iFusion to a portable media player's screen much like one of those cheap screen protectors and somehow the video you're watching is then ushered into the third dimension. Exactly how this work is unclear and unexplained, which is always a good sign.

The iFusion is designed for the iUbi, a portable media player also designed by Neofusion. That said, Neofusion is also designing the iFusion for the Microsoft Zune and Creative Zen Vision W, among others. (No iPod support?)

No word on price, but expect to see it sometime in the first quarter of 2007. But yes, no explanation on the underlying technology really makes you wonder how, or if, this even works. Props to Fabio Cannavaro for heading the ball, however.


Product Page [Neovision via Ubergizmo]

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from neovision ifusion faq:

Q: Can I see my existing pictures or video in 3d?

A: Probably no - iFusion™ provides the means to view stereo 3d content without the need to wear 3d glasses, but it does not turn regular 2d content into 3d (we wish!). However, there is a huge amount of 3d content available, scattered all over the Internet in the form of videos and pictures. As we build out the community section of our site you will be able to find an increasing amount of diverse 3d content, ready to be viewed on your iFusion™ enabled devices. Also, in the coming weeks we will post tutorials and examples of how to acquire 3d content as well as how to encode it.....