Ignorant Prosecutors Blame Scientists for Earthquake Victims

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Just like in the bloody old times of the Roman Inquisition, some Italian imbeciles are trying to blame some Italian scientists for the 300 victims of the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake today. How this stupidity has reached trial is beyond me.


The trial for manslaughter against seven seismologist and other government experts started yesterday. They are accused of failing to warn people about the 6.3-magnitude earthquake that killed 308 in L'Aquila, Italy. Because, of course, everybody knows you can predict Earthquakes and warn people well in advance. These evil scientists just keep that information for themselves because they love to see people killed and nuclear plants melting down.

The morons prosecuting these scientists say that they gave "inexact, incomplete and contradictory information," failing to warn against the big earthquake after smaller tremors were felt in L'Aquila six months before the catastrophe hit the medieval city, smashing it down to a hill of rocks.

Of course, every single seismologist in the world has pointed out the obvious: you can't predict earthquakes of any size and you can't tell when a big one is going to hit, even if small ones happen first. 5,200 international researchers wrote a letter to the Italian government, which I hope contained the phrase "Are you really this fucking stupid?"

But of course, what would you expect from the bunch of morons who have failed to prosecute a corrupted assclown like Silvio Berlusconi for all these years? I'm not surprised that they have launched this witch hunt, trying to pin the blame of someone instead of just accepting that nature doesn't give a damn about humans and it will never warn against these catastrophes. [MSNBC]


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From: [www.nature.com]

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"The seven were on a committee that had been tasked with assessing the risk associated with recent increases in seismic activity in the area. Following a committee meeting just a week before the quake, some members of the group assured the public that they were in no danger.

In the aftermath of the quake, which killed 309 people, many citizens said that these reassurances were the reason they did not take precautionary measures, such as leaving their homes. As a consequence, the public prosecutor of L'Aquila pressed manslaughter charges against all the participants in the meeting, on the grounds that they had falsely reassured the public (see Italy puts seismology in the dock). After several delays, the public prosecutor Fabio Picuti and the defendants' lawyers appeared this week before Giuseppe Gargarella, the judge for preliminary hearings, who had to decide whether to dismiss the case or proceed with a trial."

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Failing to predict an earthquake is one thing, but other articles on this subject have stated that they specifically reassured the public that such an earthquake would not occur.