If the iPod ran for president, it'd probably win at this point, what with all the outside support it receives from companies looking to make a quick buck. iHome was one of the first such companies to jump on the iPod bandwagon, many of which we previously covered, and now it's releasing two more iPod-compatible speaker systems, the iH31 (pictured here) and the iH19. The former is a boom box with a dock connector and features an FM radio and line-in for good measure. It'll be available in silver and white, leaving black and U2 iPod owners without an exact match. Meanwhile, the iH19 is a portable case that just so happens to feature a couple of speakers for music listening fun. It's also water-resistant, which seems to be a hot new trend among manufacturers.

The iH31 is available now and retails for $129 while the iH19 should be available soon for $79.99.


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