iHome iH36W Fills Your Kitchen With Music

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The makers of everybody's favorite iPod-compatable alarm clock, the iHome, has released a new iPod docking station designed to accentuate the flair of your kitchen. The iHome iH36W is your standard alarm clock chock full of alarm clock features, such as FM radio, TV audio and those crazy weather bulletin channels, but with the added bonus of being able to dock onto an iPod.

The difference between the iH36 and its older brethren is that the iH36 is designed to be installed under a cabinet, making it perfect for kitchens and the like. Of course, the iPod charges while it's plugged in. To top it all off, there's even a motorized drawer that hides the iPod so as not to ruin the aesthetic of your carefully-designed kitchen. The iHome iH36, which is also compatible with the oft-neglected Shuffle, runs $199.99.


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