iJector Sprays 50 Inches of iPod, iPhone Video Onto Any Wall

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Simple, dock-form iPod projectors have typically been either a) imaginary lust objects or b) forsaken concepts. Landing next month, the iJector is neither of those things, in that it's going be to available. Unfortunately, we've already spotted a few dealbreakers.

In the most abstract sense, the iJector is fine: it can project videos at a reasonable brightness to diagonal sizes of 50 inches, plays back amplified stereo audio, and has a proper "made for iPod" device certification. It'll work with just about any video-enable iProduct—possibly, though not definitely—excluding the iPhone 3GS.


Now, look closer. That (up to) 50 inches of projected imagery will be resolved at a comically low 557×234 pixels, and will cost around $670 when it ships in Japan next month, which means by the time you smuggle it to the US through your chosen Japanese gadget importer, you're looking at over $700 for a device that can push fewer pixels than your iPhone's teeny little screen.

Your only consolation would be that it comes with a remote, I guess, and that it can at least accept composite video inputs and functions as a regular projector. Still, no. [Impress Watch]