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IKEA's New Years Toast App Is Much Cheaper than Actual Champagne

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

2011 is tantalizingly close—so how will you ring it in? With bottles of expensive champagne? What are you, some kind of French aristocrat? IKEA's Skål! (toast, in Swedish) app simulates booze, clinking glasses, and introduces you to strangers.

The app works in three ways. First, select a glass. Then, watch it fill with (fake, although physically simulated!) champagne. Don't try to drink it. Even if you are very drunk already, it will still just taste like an iPhone. Next, slosh it around! Be merry. Think of 2010's regrets. Let auld acquaintances be forgot. Then, when you find that precious midnight smooch target, make your move—assuming he/she also has the Skal! app loaded—knock iPhones. With a simulated clink, your contact info will be swapped, and a picture will be snapped. Whether you end up cuddled up together on a FJELLSE bed the next morning is, however, more than the app can help you with. [iTunes via Mashable]