Ikea's Video Assembly Instructions Vastly Increase Your Chances Of Success

The ongoing joke that Ikea's flat-pack furniture is confusingly complicated to assemble might be rendered moot now that the Swedish company is rolling out video assembly instructions that look considerably easier to follow than its printed manuals.


In fact, the videos make assembling a bed, like the company's popular MALM design, look downright entertaining. With animations, Pop-Up Video-esque tips and notes, and an upbeat soundtrack that will either keep you calm during the assembly process, or drive you mad.

For the time being there's only one video in the How To Build section of Ikea's YouTube channel, but the company intends to add to it on a weekly basis, with guides for some of their more popular, or challenging, pieces.

And as we look over at our slanted shelves, collapsing beds, and tipsy rocking chairs, we have to ask, what took them so long? [YouTube via L.A. At Home]



But it's not going to stop your furniture from breaking in 6-12 months