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We may earn a commission from links on this page

iLauncher Gives You iPhone Controls for USB Missile Launcher

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know those USB missile launchers? Now there's an iPhone app that lets you control them from anywhere in your network, proving to siblings and cube-mates once and for all who's the nerdiest toughest.

The retailer is calling this "The one and only robotic remote control missile launcher for the iPhone or iTouch!" and I, for one, believe this is true. As, uh, unique as it is, though, it's pretty cool. It's got arrows for pivoting it around and angling it up or down, and a big radioactive sign in the middle, I believe indicating the "fire" button. No telling what kind of latency you'll get from this baby, but I hope it's minimal, because nobody likes a laggy first-strike system.


Obviously, it doesn't all come in one package. First you buy the missile launcher here for $30 (though it's 15% off for now if you enter "ilauncher" as a coupon code during checkout). Then you go to the iTunes App Store to get the iLauncher module for an extra $3, which also comes with a link to the Windows-only program needed for the interface. Our hope is that setup goes well, because if everyone sees you dicking around with your USB cannon and your iPhone for two days, you will definitely lose the element of surprise. [Newo]