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iLounge 3G iPhone Mockups Run Gamut From Marvelous To Meh

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We already have a pretty good idea of how the iPhone will work, from GPS, to faster network speeds, to how it will help raise you kids (lower prices), but it's always fun to see the crazy ideas people had in their heads for what they thought the new design should be. Wired roped up seven of the best, worst and impractical iPhone designs from iLounge, just in time for Monday's purported launch. Sure, this might be iPhone overload to the nth degree, but I think we can all agree Photochopping is the geek gift that keeps on giving (false hope).


These mock-ups were designed by iLounge readers. iLounge held held a competition to find the best ideas for the new iPhone. Best? Worst? You tell me-there's more at Wired to bash, praise or drool over. [Wired]