iLuv Dock Looks Like a Wine Glass, Has Complex, Fruity Aroma with Notes of Peach and Plastic

Things iLuv about the iLuv Wine Glass Dock:
The chick in the silver bikini.

Things iLuv about the iLuv Wine Glass Dock (cont.):
The fact that it looks like something you'd find at a garage sale of the widow of a Palm Beach tycoon who was the Mr Big of Niterie design way back when it was all about Bee Gees, not LGs.
Does it swivel from the stem? It had better do...


Things iHate about the iLuv:
It's still at the concept (maaaaan) stage.

Seriously, I was going to go off on one of my sugar-rush rants about this, but the more I studied it, the more I decided I that I want one for the shagpile disco room that I am going to build one day with the money I've earned from Giz. And then I realized if I waited that long, I'd have to build a room to park me and my friends' zimmer frames in (FYI, mine will be decked out in glitterball, with a horn that sounds like a cowbell, so that people know to get out of my way.)

All contributions to the "Buy Ad an iLuv Dock-That-Looks-Like-a-Wine Glass fund gratefully received.


iLuv to present wine glass concept docking speaker
[Aving USA via Akihabara News]

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