Illustration for article titled iLuv i1166: When Not Making a Choice Becomes a Choice In Itself

Most portable electronics make functional sacrifices in the name of portability. The iLuv i1166 is not such a device.


The "portable" media player features a (16x9) 9-inch screen, DVD player, and an iPod dock. It simultaneously supports MPEG4 and VCD, iTunes libraries and DVD collections.

It will run off AC Power, a car adapter or built-in lithium ion battery. And, just in case it's too big to actually lug around, you can use it in your home theater thanks to its video out (format unspecified).


There's no price or release date set for the iLuv i1166. But like the Hardee's Monster Burger, I may have no interest in actually consuming the iLuv i1166, but I'm glad it's out there all the same. [iLuv via PMP Today]

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