I'm Actually Happy With My iPhone 4

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I am. I have no doubt about it. I had to buy an overpriced bumper to stop the reception issues. That sucked. But now I'm happy.

Sure, I think the issues at hand need to be fixed, and current owners need to get free bumpers—at the least—to make the phone as functional as it should have been out of the box. But having played the fool, I'm stoked for all the reasons we've said before. And for what it's worth, the editors at Gizmodo who have the iPhone 4 are annoyed at the issues, but also aren't returning them.*


Those are the facts that speak pretty loudly. And are worth repeating over and over again as people ask me if the antenna issue is a deal breaker. It isn't for me and may be for you. I respect your personal feelings on the matter, either way, and believe you if you've run into the problems with reception on a daily basis, in real world usage. I did. Before I bought the bumper.

If you've been too afraid to get one because of all the hub bub about antenna issues, its probably worth waiting until after the liveblog today to hear what Apple's explanation is about. But since launch, I've been telling my loved ones not to worry about the problems too much. I've just been warning them that they'll have to spend another $30 on a bumper to get the best reception possible. Some of them turn their noses up, but some of them buy one anyhow.

Are you happy with yours?

If not, why aren't you returning it? Maybe you're thinking the same thing I am: If it can be the best phone in the world with such a stupid problem, imagine how much better it could be if they fix it.


*There are a number with Androids and older iPhones who laugh at the entirely ridiculous dilemma all together, though.

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Fanboys will be fanboys. That's why they're not returning their iPhone 4's. Denial.