I'm Glad This Got To You: A Viral Love Letter Delivered

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There's some exciting news for those who have been following the movement of the "I Hope This Gets To You" viral love letter: Walter C. May's girlfriend—the person around whom the entire idea revolved—has finally become aware of the romantic gesture.


There aren't details about how she wound up discovering the video, but according to May's recent tweets, she loves it.

PS: If you haven't got a clue who May is, what the video is about, or why it's lovely to hear that it got to its intended recipient, I recommend checking out our original coverage of it.



I still don't understand how a guy who identifies who he is, and happens to be in a band, would have trouble getting his girlfriend to see something he made via social networking.

Even if he didn't put it up on his own feed, shouldn't they have at least one mutual friend that would have said "guy wanted girl to see this video virally, so I'm passing it down!"