I'm Going to Shoot So Many Buffalo Playing This Oregon Trail Card Game

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Redditor dwboso made an amazing discovery at a Target store—or at least it’s amazing if you grew up playing computer games during the ‘70s and ‘80s and 90's. Pressman Toys has created a card game version of the dysentery-plagued classic The Oregon Trail that includes all the terrible diseases, maladies, and calamities that wiped out your pioneer family time after time.

Photo by ‘dwboso’ via Reddit
Photo by ‘dwboso’ via Reddit

Based on the computer game that dates all the way back to 1971 (say what?) the card game version comes with trail cards, calamity cards, supply cards, and a dry-erase board full of tombstones so you can mark down which players have died. Although, it would probably be easier to keep tabs on those who are still alive.


There are more photos of the card game available over on Imgur. But Pressman Toys has also pointed us towards this official video detailing how the game is played.

The Oregon Trail card game will be available starting August 1 as a Target exclusive for $15, so you’ve only got one more weekend to wait for this fun nostalgia trip.

[Imgur via Reddit via ToyNews]

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