Important PSA: No, You Can't Take Your Batarangs Through Airport Security

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See? This is why Batman has to be Bruce Wayne, multi-billionaire. He has to be able to afford the Batplane because you lose all credibility once the TSA is patting down your utility belt.

These four batarangs were seized by the TSA last week in Boise (yes, Boise. No, we don’t know what the Dark Knight was doing there, either). The official TSA blog entry is titled “TSA Week in Review: 41 Loaded Firearms, and More Batarangs.” Wait, “More Batarangs”?

Yes, let’s take this moment for a PSA: You can’t carry batarangs onto airplanes. This is a surprisingly persistent problem for the TSA, and they seem kind of tired of it. The 2014 year in review had “a batarang, another batarang” listed as some of the stand-out items. Putting to mind some drone in a warehouse somewhere doing a catalogue in a very bored manner. “Three pistols, a sword cane, a batarang, *sigh* another batarang.”


Batarangs have been confiscated three times in 2015. In addition to Boise’s incident last week, three batarangs were found in Charlotte in April:


And three more in Buffalo in July:


I swear, it does not take the world’s greatest detective to figure out that security isn’t going to let you take these on a plane. There’s clearly a lot of work put into these, stop losing them to the TSA!

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Image credits: The Transport Security Administration

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